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Made with especially designed components to offer a fine, robust and compact finish.

Easy handling, holds the ham in any position to cut using the innovative "Rolling Disc System"
(ball bearing guided by lateral axes).

Good looking display.
Hygienic and can be easily cleaned. 
Wide range of models, covering all the needs and cutting ways.

Makes the ham easily accessible for a fast and clean cut, without any elements which hinder
the chop thus improving profitability.

Innovative, functional, nice looking, JAMOTEC is the excellence reference in the ham world.
It is on essential for all food and butcher shops.

Jamotec S.L. warrants all the metallic elements of the PROFESSIONAL LINE for 25 years,
against any manufacturer defaults and/or materials.
Attached to all the models is its NUMBERED WARRANTY CERTIFICATE.

The stainless steel parts in the PROFESSIONAL LINE don´t almost wear, even when
used intensively. As proven in the tests conducted in our facilities, the approximate wear
of these parts is potentially a TENTH OF A MILLIMETRE in TWENTY FIVE YEARS.
Therefore, these ham holders should be operational longer than the described period.

All the JAMOTEC models have been completly designed, manufactured and patented
by the investigation & design team of Jamotec, S.L. 

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